weather & your skin: don't be hot and cold with your skincare...

weather & your skin: don't be hot and cold with your skincare...

Make no mistake! Weather, climate and temperature has a big and often overlooked impact on your skin! Many skincare products out there for both men and women focus on skin type; for example: oily, dry or sensitive skin.

Where different skin types certainly exist and are influenced by factors such as genetics, diet and where we live. The weather and indoor and outdoor exposure of your face can have the biggest and most direct influence on whether your skin is becoming oily, dry, sensitive, more susceptible to redness and discomfort and more…

Ever notice your skin is more oily or greasy during warmer weather, or more humid conditions? Ever notice your skin gets more dry during the cold and cooler months?

It’s because scientifically our skin responds and is very sensitive to temperature. Heat makes the pores open up and in turn they secrete sebum (oil) onto the surface. When cold, dry air and lower humidity draws moisture away from the skin. Pigmentation and redness is more likely to occur with such exposure.

So what to do about…?

For your best skin, think tailored ‘protection’ and ‘recovery’ for either the cold and dry, or warmer and more humid environments. SPF is also an essential part of protection through each day to combat accelerated aging and photoaging damage.

Routinely removing surface layer grime daily with gentle cleansing will avoid clogging of pores and potential breakouts. Men typically have oilier skin and larger pores than women. It's an important but simple first step in your routine before applying active ingredients that will further protect and nourish your skin on a cellular level. Start the day with cleansing and an application of ingredients that protect and provide your best looking skin and higher confidence for whatever the day has to bring.

In the evenings, this is when we recover, and so does your skin from the days exposure and daily stressors. Providing your face with high level nourishment and active ingredients that work for your skins benefit and longevity is essential in keeping the skin looking healthy and giving best results day to day.

Great skincare, does not have to be complicated!

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